Thought of The Day: Cultural and Racial Pride

Is there any merit to cultural and racial pride? Not philosophically.

I think it’s silly to be proud of any culture or race. You (or any individual) have done nothing to deserve that pride; you’re part of your race due to a string of random events, that again, you had nothing to do with. Even if you subscribe to a more fundamental religious ideal, God (or the higher power you submit to) determined where and how you were born.

Now, I agree that culture and race are no reasons to like or dislike anyone. I maintain that personal merit and achievements are the only valid reasons for pride.

Yes, it’s perfectly Okay to be white or black, or brown… these difference should make life better, more interesting. However, to make these factors determining influences on your identity is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Collectivism and groupthink are obscenely damaging to individual liberty. Modern-day tribalism stems from unwarranted cultural or racial pride.

— The Devil Unbound

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