Thought of The Day: A Problem The World Will Never Fix

A problem the world will never fix

Is this is a problem the world will never fix? A question that comes from a deep, philosophical conversation with the monsters I trust to push me to challenge my thinking.

The Problem

The value, the utility of any action is significant only to how it affects the people to whom it is directed. And while intentions matter, they are often overshadowed by how your behaviour is perceived.

You all know what my (the Devil’s) favourite paving material is, and where the irrational dependence on emotion leads. The most compassionate of governments can be tyrannical if the mechanisms it employs to deliver compassion do not match the expectations of its people. The opposite is also true.

The problems the world faces: bad religion, bad politics, and bad science are not only the result of what you think, but HOW you think; and I’ll submit that this is, in and of itself, a problem the world will never fix.


— The Devil Unbound

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