The Russia-Ukraine War and American Hypocrisy

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To say that I stand with the Ukrainian people doesn’t and shouldn’t imply that I support the United States government. I don’t. I do worry, however, about The Russia-Ukraine War and American Hypocrisy. A level of hypocrisy that is historically damaging to the world. 

The fiasco with Honduran president Xiomara Castro, when Kamala Harris intended to tell her how to run her country – allegedly a complaint against the left-leaning administration in that country.

Xiomara Castro, President of Honduras
TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS – NOVEMBER 28: Xiomara Castro (R), Presidential Candidate of the Free (Libre) Party, gestures during a press conference on November 28, 2021 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. According to the National Electoral Council, Castro received 53,44% of the votes and the candidate of the ruling National Party, Nasry Asfura received 33.8% with over 16% of the votes counted. Hondurans elected the successor of Juan Orlando Hernandez, as well as deputies to congress and municipal mayors. The three main parties in contention are National, Liberal and Free, which seek to reach the presidency of the Central American country. (Photo by APHOTOGRAFIA/Getty Images)


The Russia-Ukraine War and American Hypocrisy

And, can you say Guantanamo? The United States currently occupies part of another sovereign state in the Americas. Since 1903, they have continued to exercise control over territory they acquired illegally under the threat of force – a direct violation of international law. 

The insincerity of the United States government, and we must focus our criticism on the government and not the people on the ground, is evident in how easily they ignore numerous atrocities. Horrors they dismiss because they don’t measure up against their interest. 

The Rwandan genocide, for example, an event that took close to a million lives, did not warrant American intervention as much as the attack on Iraq did in the Persian Gulf War just four years earlier. 

To this day, one human has apologised for turning a blind eye to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people. And while he might not be the quintessential example of humanity, his address to the Rwandan people has merit. You can read it here.  

And who will apologise to the people of Ethiopia for the ongoing genocide there? A conflict that admittedly eluded my radar until a Twitter friend alerted me to it several months ago. 

His reply to my tweet about standing with the people of Ukraine hits right on the issue I try to elucidate here. 

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And as always, I ask you to ponder some questions. 

Why was Iraq a more valuable target than Rwanda? Why is the Russia-Ukraine war more pressing than the Tigray region of Ethiopia? Are Ethiopian people not deserving of help? What makes their existence less important? 

Could it be money? 

Iraq has oil, and Russia has gas. 

Now, this isn’t an endorsement of Saddam Hussein or Vladimir Putin as good people. No, I will never endorse anyone who puts an ideology before human life. I don’t even like those who sacrifice animal lives to placate personal beliefs – imagine for an instant who this devil feels for those who would hurt innocent people to satisfy their political intentions.

I know I said on occasion that Putin had done an excellent job with Russia, which was undeniable until now. His aggression against Ukraine disappoints me. And I know that I stand with much of the Russian people when I say that this war is a broken promise, and the trust we’ve lost for the Russian leader may never be restored. 

A loss of trust that may have dire consequences on the world.

Consequently, I’ll repeat it, my standing with the Ukrainian people doesn’t mean I support the United States or the Russian government. I don’t. I can’t even claim to support the Ukrainian government. My allegiance is and will always be with the people on the ground. I am for the individual citizen who gives the country and the land its value. 

Thank you for reading. 

— The Devil Unbound

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