The Need for Accessible Language in Science and Philosophy

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We have not yet filled The Need for Accessible Language in Science and Philosophy. Though it is much better than about five years ago, the language of science is still heavy and difficult to follow. Now, this is necessarily so due to the complex topics often discussed in the pursuit of scientific endeavours: talking about Quantum theory will inevitably carry us to the real, complex terms. 

The Need for Accessible Language in Science and Philosophy
The Grandfather Paradox

Let me clarify that I am not suggesting that we change scientific terminology to appeal to less [scientifically] literate of us, and this is not the case. I am suggesting, however (and I am not the first to make such a suggestion), that we undertake the mission of being more persuasive about the excitement of scientific discovery and philosophical inquiry.

As you know, persuasive talk depends on the language we use and how we connect with others through the use of that language.

Let me give you a personal story as an example of this idea at work. 

While talking to a young human who belongs to an adult human I know – an intelligent 13-year-old boy – it came up in conversation that he had an assignment due: it was something like a story he had to write. 

He confessed that he hated writing and was not looking forward to working on this project. I offered some ideas through our conversation, thinking about what I would want to read. 

Admittedly, this posed a slight challenge, given my predilections. But, doing my best to remember I was talking to a child, I endured.

As the chat progressed, it occurred to me to appeal to that young sense of discovery that I have seen in young humans before.

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Enter metaphysics – time travelling to be exact – and the Grandfather Paradox. A topic I wrote about before here

The Grandfather paradox explains the consequences of travelling back in time to kill your grandfather before he met your grandmother. I won’t explain it all here, but it is worth researching as it leads you to think about many other exciting ideas. 

Here is a link to a proper article. Enjoy.

The possibilities were endless, just as they are in metaphysical musings and assumptions. The boy embarked on a creative process that led to a deserved A+ on his writing project. And much of this was the result of a conversation that aroused interest about an idea in him. It was the direct result of a discussion aimed to make him see things in a way that he could grasp them. 

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People should take more time to talk to children and even most adults about science and philosophy in this way. 

I know that if we take this time, and it can be time-consuming with some people, we can increase appreciation for these disciplines, which are essential for constructing stable and just societies.

I will conclude that taking the time to be more persuasive will also enhance your general life experience; it’s a win-win situation. Stir people in the direction of discovery and progress and make yourself a happier, better communicator.

Thank you for reading.

— The Devil Unbound

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