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I have to admit to resisting the idea of moving over to the realm of YouTube. I have, as you know, also decided to stop writing for Google and compose these messages for myself and those who I think are reading them. Alas, or nevertheless, depending on how you see the world, the Devil’s YouTube Channel is live. 

My resistance wasn’t because of any flaw with YouTube – there are too many to let that stop me from navigating its waters – but my reluctance to be on camera. 

I should also explain that my unwillingness to be in front of the camera has more to do with protecting sensibilities and privacy than any insecurities. Some people would not take well to the fact that I am the Devil. 

The Devil's YouTube Channel
Video Work

As a result of this necessity for privacy, I indulge in the ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) trend. My videos are a series of stock snippets with elegant voiceovers about my work. Okay, they may not be entirely ASMR style, but I love the sound of my voice, and I want to think that it gives people pleasant sensations when they hear it. 

I’ll let you be the judge. 


Here is the trailer for the channel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have my voice in it, but I do love my creative work.

The Channel’s Trailer

The first video with my voice in it, and therefore a fantastic piece of cinematic art. Based on 3 Very Simple Ways to Improve Happiness.

How to improve happiness

My third video, which is also based on one of my articles: A Quick Meditation about Google’s Algorithm and Research.

On Google’s Algorithm and Research

The Poem: The Devil’s Ode to a Dream.

Ode to a Dream

And a meditation on meta-cognition: On the Importance of Progressions to learning (Meta-cognition).

On Meta-cognition

I thought I would post on YouTube daily, but as great as I am at everything I do, that kind of output is unsustainable. And I have other cool things (and people) to do.

Go watch them now!

Thank you for reading. 

— The Devil Unbound.


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