The Devil’s Advice: The Second Commandment

Good afternoon, gorgeous bitches. Respect is necessary to social cohesion; still, many give it only to those like themselves. Here is the Devil’s second commandment for a better life.

Social psychology shows that humans are still primarily tribal. Humans attribute positive traits and characteristics to their in-group and simultaneously see those outside their circles as something to be feared.

Humans, as they are the central unit of society, are not to blame for these dispositions. Biology is partly responsible for behaviour in all animals. However, unlike non-human animals, humans are responsible for perpetuating cycles of tribal nonsense.

The Devil's Second Commandment
Intimidating Ape

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: if biology is responsible for these behaviours, humans are exempt from any accountability. And you’d be right to an extent. You’d be correct insofar as early human development is concerned, but science and philosophy have given us proper insight into the negative aspects of human biases.

Not understanding the essential nature of mutual respect or the necessity for an expanded circle of sentiments results from willful ignorance

Obviously, many factors affect how people see the world, and limiting the importance of social stability to a consequence of basic tribalism is irresponsible. But, thinking about others as fully deserving of the same respect as you is a good starting point towards progress.

I’ll leave you with the second commandment, which I shared with the Twittersphere earlier today.

The second commandment: take everyone’s name seriously and be respectful of their identity. Gossip is bad. Refrain from offense unless absolutely necessary. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

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