The Devil’s Reblog: Acceptance and Tolerance and the Sin of Being Powerless — It Ain’t Right Till I Write

This wonderful human chose to comment on one of my posts a few weeks back. She might not know it, but I have read almost every piece she has posted on her site. She is a fantastic writer, I recommend her work to anyone who enjoys reading, and to all those looking for inspiration.

I felt compelled today, as it is the last day before I focus the intention of this project on the problems of disinformation, misinformation, and other critical social issues, to share one of her articles.

This particular write-up deals with self-honesty, a principle I preach to anyone I argue with, and most especially to myself. If disinformation is a problem it is so because of the human tendency to self-deceive. Terveen has a delightful way with words and makes every article feel like a pleasing conversation; furthermore, she makes the reader feel the lessons in her work.

This lesson is an important one. Click below to read the entire piece.

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Acceptance and Tolerance and the Sin of Being Powerless — It Ain’t Right Till I Write

Thank you, Terveen, for inspiring me to focus on my intentions. Let’s see where it takes me.


  1. Thank you so much, dear Devil.
    I’m so humbled by this. If my words could make a positive impact, then that’s such an honor and pleasure.
    Your writing inspires the reader to think and rethink while diving deeper beneath the surface.
    It takes a knowledgeable mind, tender heart, and enlightened spirit to inspire others.🙂

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