The Devil’s Rant: Misguided Social Justice

What a disgusting society we may become when we need to pretend and ignore our innate differences in order to respect each other, and each other’s basic rights. And this is only one of the negative effects of misguided Social Justice.

Why not look properly at our dissimilarities and learn from them to make adequate changes that lead to reconciliation? Of course, because this, while being the morally responsible course of action, implies too much work.

My distaste with the moderate and the so called “social justice” movements increases as I continue to observe the current sociopolitical climate. The progressives of the world who cry out racism and bigotry at any criticism of uncritical human thinking are largely to blame for our problems – as are the rest of us for letting them get this far.

We have allowed lazy, disgustingly nonintellectual chauvinists to dictate our policies on morality.

Misguided Social Justice
Misguided Social Justice

We are becoming a society too afraid to think, and too worried about offending others’ intolerance that we allow bad behaviour to be held beyond reproach as long as we are seemed to conform to the dogma of political correctness.

What a sorry lot we will become if we let this continue.

Originally posted on Facebook November 20th of 2015.

— The Devil Unbound

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