The Devil’s Prayer: Dracco’s Mantra of Power and Happiness

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This invocation of personal responsibility came from a long meditation on power and happiness. It is a sort of prayer to the sensibilities of the person observing it. It is an appeal to the human senses of intellectual and moral responsibility. It is a realisation, an admission that only the individual can be accountable for their happiness. That the world owes you nothing, but you can take it all.

Dracco’s Mantra of Power

Written on July 21, 2015. By Peyton J. Dracco.

It is clear that if there is a hint of unhappiness, however small, in my life; it is the result of my fatuous indulgence of unmitigated emotion. In its solicitous inquiries, the world of experience reminds me that I lack no resource to be the happiest me possible; that I have everything I need to return to greatness.

I am owed nothing, yet deserve it all; I have it all, at my base sits the entire world, and in this simple proposition I find the cure to a deplorable sense of entitlement I may have relished in this recent past.

Laziness seems to this man who rambles here, a kind of death, a state devoid of those salient attitudes that makes us capable of everything: intellectual and moral responsibility. The dead cannot be accountable for much, and being the same, nor can the weak.

Indolence is a sin; lassitude, punishable by contempt and ridicule. Power is not a state, it’s a process, and it is an experience.

I am alive, and will be so only once; accordingly, I will live well and happy in the experience of power.

The Devil Unbound: Power and Happiness
Your Power, your Happiness

Remember, as you read this, that no one will care more for you or your goals than you do. That if you want something, it is you who has to go and get it.

— The Devil Ubound


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