The Devil’s Opinion: On The Intentions Behind Vaccine Passports, Mandates, and Personal Choice

Happy Sunday, my luscious meat sacks, I had convinced myself that I would write less this month. I was wrong and very happy to have been.

Let me get to the point.

Yes, and this is a tricky thing to say as it may come across as an endorsement of nonsense, but you do have the right to choose what to do with your body, and the government cannot force you to get any vaccine. 

Mandates do not make you do anything you don’t want to do; however, they lead you to choose. And the choices you make inside a complex system like society have complicated consequences. 

The Devil Unbound: Make a choice
Critical Choices

Regardless of how free you think you are and how obscene your self-indulgence might be, there is no such thing as action without consequence, especially when you share the world with other apes who also need to make choices about their lives. 

Again, you can choose not to vaccinate against CoVid-19, but if you do, you cannot expect to maintain the same freedoms those who choose to comply with societal rules have. 

Now, you might think here I’ve admitted that your rights are being taken away by big brother and whatever government you have nightmares about, but no, nature is doing this. You can deny mother nature’s indifference towards your feelings, but you’d be wrong. She (and yes, anything powerful and vital to existence is female, like the earth, the ocean, and Google) is very good at two things: creating life and destroying it.


The Devil Unbound: Public health concerns

You might also choose to deny the staggering amounts of data pointing to the severity of the Coronavirus and its new variants, but you’d be wrong again. Moreover, if you actively decide to ignore medical protocols for public safety, you cannot be mad when others don’t want to share their playgrounds with you.

You cannot be butthurt, for example, that private establishments require you to wear a mask while you navigate their properties. I mean, you could, but that would make you an asshole and a disrespectful one at that. 

Now, if ignoring science, relevant data, and public health concerns are your jam and being seen as an ill-bred prick doesn’t bother you, then the negative consequences of such behaviour should not bother you either. 

But they do bother you, do they not? Because you don’t understand them, do you?

The Devil Unbound: Frustrated and confused
Frustrated and Confused

And the truth is you’ve not come to these poor conclusions on your own, have you? No, you’ve been directed to them by ill-concealed charlatans who prey on your fear and other human sensibilities. You’ve been pushed to misconceptions by worse assholes who take advantage of your confusion. 

The same people who tell you to distrust vaccine science because, you know, Big Pharma, are the same people who suggest you take a horse dewormer to “treat” CoVid-19. They do this knowing that you’re frightened and will resort to anything to avoid suffering and to escape the dread of the uncertainty the world faces currently. And they understand that you’ll help spread their nonsense because of that same necessity to move away from fear. 

The same people who told you not to get the vaccine because it wasn’t FDA approved now tell you that the approval they gave the vaccine is only a political stunt. It seems that their motivations are only to contradict what the evidence shows to cause harm.

By the way, here is what the FDA has to say about taking Ivermectin to treat or prevent CoVid-19:

It is that necessity for certainty and for security and safety that these mandates aim to fulfil. Knowing that those who can receive the vaccine have taken it, and in so doing reduced contagion, will help society get back to work as it should.  

The passports, as oppressive as they seem, are proof of your commitment to the wellbeing of your fellow humans. After all, well-organised societies licence people to do many things that affect their population. A driver’s licence is proof that you are proficient at operating a motor vehicle and that proficiency is verified by a competent professional. 

Similarly to infectious diseases, your inability to comply with traffic laws can have dire consequences for the humans with whom you share the road. 

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Do you see how it is not simply your body and your choice; it is a choice that can directly affect other people’s bodies? Do you see how the concept of “my body, my choice” is being misused to propagate misinformation? How it is a tool for disinformation? 

I leave you with a declaration of my distaste for government and any rules that, while being illegitimate, impede progress and human happiness. I submit that the only legitimate laws are those in place to ensure safety and balance inside the system they govern. 

These mandates can, if appropriately observed, do just that. 

— The Devil Unbound

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