The Devil’s Opinion: I Write When I Want to Write, Writing and Love-making

Imagine someone dared to tell you when you can and cannot make love to your partner(s). More frustratingly, think how you’d feel if someone told you when you should make love to anyone. That’s how the posting suggestions by the Internet feel to me on the surface. 

As the Devil, admittedly, I would listen to an expert if they could tell me when the best time to please my partners is. Can I maximise the power of our climaxes by, let’s say, indulging cunnilingus in the afternoon and full coitus in the morning? Right at 7:30 am – for maximum mutual pleasure. 

Photo by Loc Dang

A deeper explanation of why doing it at that particular time is essential to success changes my perception of the issue.

I know now this is what the Internet’s suggestions offer, but what about the desire to do it? What if my partners are not in the mood before 11:00 am? Perhaps a proper conversation with them about how much better sex is at the suggested time may put them in the mood for it. I’m easily sold on any idea that promises pleasure—and quickly persuaded by a proposal of success. 

Writing to me is a pleasurable experience, and thankfully WordPress has always been a willing partner in the adventure. Currently, I write when I want to write or when the mood strikes me. While my congress with this platform is still very conservative, I hope to learn to balance my love for writing with the growth strategies the Internet presents me. 

I want to reconcile my desire to write and my timing to continue to make literary love to these pages. 

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More appealing to me is the understanding that if I enjoy writing in the same way I do making love to willing partners, I could write seven times a day.

— A kinky Devil

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