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The Devil’s journal is an exercise in intellectual humility. Moreover, it’s an endeavour of honesty in which the author and other contributors tell real-life stories creatively. The project stipulates three essential preoccupations that cannot be betrayed.

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The Devil’s Journal

The Devil’s Journal, Looking for Friends

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2022. 40 MINUTES PAST 3:00 Weird that the Devil is looking for friends. But on one of my Tweets yesterday, I said that I need more friends who are willing to argue religion respectfully. More importantly, I need religious friends willing to talk about their beliefs openly. The reception to this post, […]

Choice and Writer's Block

The Devil’s Journal, Choice and Writer’s Block

Thursday, April 7, 2022. 27 Minutes past 2:00 Lacking the will to write these last few weeks isn’t a reflection of the need to do it, nor is it about indifference towards the issues I want to affect. On the contrary, it results from the contemplation of having too much to say.  This apparent lassitude […]

Talking about Critical Thinking

The Devil’s Journal, Talking about Critical Thinking

Tuesday, March 22, 2022. 50 Minutes past 2:00 I should write a book, or many, based on my conversations with the world. I don’t remember a time when I shone away from discussing anything. Especially about those issues I find essential to social well-being. And this conversation, which started with the seemingly popular idea of […]

About the Devil's Journal
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The project stipulates three essential preoccupations that cannot be betrayed.

One, to make the anecdotes shared here colourful and exciting without deviating from the truth.

Two, the project must never allow for the defamation of anyone whose experience it shares. Libel, or written defamation, is a crime, and it is unethical and dishonourable past its legal implications. It is an illegitimate form of communication – this Devil does not stand for it. You know my stance on disinformation and misinformation.

And three, the stories must always have allegorical power.

The DEvil and his Friends

The stories in this project revolve around interactions with people who are part of my personal circle. Therefore, unlike with the Conversations with the Devil series, these stories do not necessarily involve business activities, though sometimes the two can mix as you would expect from any full and interesting life.

Thank you for reading.

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