The Devil’s Journal, Saying Goodbye to Natasha

Honesty in romantic relationships

Tuesday, March 15 2022. 50 Minutes past 5:00

After several months of not writing here, I feel the need to contribute to this story due to several preoccupations. The most pressing, even if it’s self-indulgent, is saying goodbye to Natasha. And then there is the lesson of the value of honesty to romantic relationships

The last time we met, Natasha and I concluded a lucrative business venture in the information sector. Combined with a passionate love affair, this venture made the previous few months intensely interesting. 

She’s powerful in her lack of desire for attachment. 

The value of honesty to romantic relationships
Natasha going away

Natasha once told me that she had never met anyone like me, but that wasn’t a good reason to stay. I imagined at the time that she implied that our fling was just that, a fling and that it wouldn’t last long. Imagine how delightful that implication was to someone like me. 

The significance of her message to me made it all more worthwhile. Knowing that this adventure would end shortly pushed me to get the most of every second we spent together. And I did. I venture to say that we both did. 

No, if you expected a sad goodbye, you haven’t paid attention to anything I’ve said before. Natasha is a great memory that, in its short time, has more value than decades of other memories. 

My time with Natasha is the quintessential example of a good love affair. 

We were honest with each other from the beginning and ended it all with the same respect for each other’s expectations. Ours is a pleasant goodbye. It’s a reminder that there are many more beautiful experiences to come and that we can maximise life satisfaction through honesty and mutual respect. And this is, as the title of this entry says, the value of honesty to romantic relationships.

Will I miss her? 

Let me put it this way.

Natasha is bright; her vernacular is more extensive than that of most humans I know. Her physical presence is incandescent, and her movement, her flow in lovemaking, is a delicious dance. 

I don’t want to devalue the experience of her mind and her body by missing it. Instead, I look forward to enjoying many of the other Natashas who may one day share their essence with me. 

Thank you for reading.

— The Devil Unbound

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