The Devil’s Journal, Looking for Friends


Weird that the Devil is looking for friends. But on one of my Tweets yesterday, I said that I need more friends who are willing to argue religion respectfully. More importantly, I need religious friends willing to talk about their beliefs openly.

The reception to this post, while small, was adorable. Those who replied showed openness to a conversation with me.

Looking for friends

A self-described Catholic submitted that she is open with her religious beliefs but she will not argue about religion with other people. “I’m for freedom of religion for everyone,” she added.

In that conversation, we touched on my intended meaning of the word argument, which in philosophy is a proposition about an idea that leads to constructive conversation.

I acknowledged I should have said I want more conversations about religion and belief.

She continued to apologise for having misunderstood my definitions and offered her time to answer my questions about her religion.

As I said, it was adorable.

Another friend, a Christian pastor who has followed the Devil since I joined Twitter said, “You know I’m game for all of that. However, if I’m really honest, I talk openly here on Twitter where I have no following- but I am careful what I say at church. You can imagine why. I want to make a difference, and that ability is limited if I get fired.”

The point is that these humans understood what I need and were happy to provide it. And this made me happy.

It was a good day on Twitter.

Thank you for reading.

— The Devil Unbound

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