The Devil’s Journal, Meeting Natasha

January 27, 2022. 3 minutes to noon.

Understandably, the Devil is symbolic of everything evil. Son of perdition and the Prince of Lies are, amongst many others, monikers for the archetype of the Devil. And this only makes the idea of the Devil’s journal more appealing to some humans.

“You must get up to some interesting things,” said the woman who visited last night. Her name is as peculiar as the circumstances of our meeting.

“Why the Devil?” She asked, with a scepticism typical of anyone who understands that all religious symbols are without objective value. “Why not Zeus, or Hades?” She continued, finding a comfortable place in one of my expensive chairs.

Her hair is long and luscious, she seems well-kept, and her vernacular is more extensive than most people’s. It is, after all, ambitious humans who come to the Devil for favours. Of course, I encounter my share of imbeciles who don’t know what they don’t need, but I seldom enter into congress with them.

As you might imagine, they are more trouble than they’re worth.

This woman, whose hair now flows loosely reflecting the light from an antique ceiling lamp I acquired in Morocco, wants assistance moving her business into new territory. Does she propose a viable partnership? I’m unsure, but her physical presence – a statuesque figure of about five-ten – makes me want to accept her proposal before she explains it.

The Devil's Journal, First Entry

She calls herself Natasha, but you know how I feel about names, especially given family names. I am tempted to change it.

I met Natasha two years ago through a trusted associate, and while we had good times before, tonight is the first time we have the chance to talk uninterrupted.

I sit on the opposite side of my chair, and she moves closer.

She speaks softly yet securely, and we connect at a different level than we anticipated before this meeting.

We continue talking.

“Because the symbol has the right kind of power, it influences the right people to see me differently,” I respond to her question about the Devil.

“Then it is about influence and control,” she submits. A smile breaks on her lips as she repeats an earlier proposition about me.

I still have not decided if the deal she offers is optimal, but she was in a positive mood when she left my loft this morning, as most people are when they spend time with me.

I look forward to seeing her again; our conversations about life, love, and business were illuminating. Perhaps our next meeting will make for a good entry in the Devil’s journal. And I know she understands I want my shirt back.

Thank you for reading.

— The Devil Unbound


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