The Devil’s Game: Secret Codes from The Key-maker and The Wizard

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Let’s play a little game involving secret codes. This one is simple, and intended to show you how important these games are to the development of better thinking and problem solving skills.

Our game results from a lovely conversation with some of my friends in the underworld. People who have spent their lives understanding secrecy and information. The Wizard and the Key-maker are two of those people, and I admit, two of my favourite humans.

This game is an example of staggered acrostic embedding. Deciphering the message is as easy as applying the key to the text.


The Devil Unbound: Secret Codes
Locks and Keys

The text is from a conversation between my human form and the Key-maker that took place on July 23rd, 2017. It was originally posted in the Love’s Dialogue Facebook Group, and later transposed to the end of chapter 6 of The 8-13 Project, Book 1. We used a similar, though more advanced technique to hide our messages in the book.

Note: In true security scenarios the legend is memorised and kept confidential to preserve the value of the key to the message.


Legend: P:S.W.L (- space / end)

Key: P1: 1.1.1 – 2.1.1 + 2.8.1 – 2.13.2 + 2.15.2 + 2.19.2 + 2.19.3 – P2: 1.5.3 + 1.18.2 – 1.21.1 + 1.22.3 – 1.38.4 + 2.1.1 + 3.9.3 + 3.18.6 + 3.21.2 – P3: 1.4.1 + 1.10.1 + 1.10.4 – 2.5.2 + 2.5.3 + 2.6.8 + 2.10.3 – P4: 2.33.10 +2.34.2 + P5: 2.2.3/

It seems true that pursuing temporary feelings can cause great suffering. As It was explained and proven to me yesterday by a stranger who knows me: we will commit great and horrible actions due to excitement or anxiety. 

Wars, he said, are often the result of simple whims. When my mother and father separated, he continued, it was because one of them "felt" that they could do better; when they reunited, it was because they both KNEW that they couldn't. And to this day I'm unsure if they know how they hurt my brothers and me. Worst of all, he submitted, I find myself capable of hurting my children the same way: by attempting to satisfy my whims.

Our meeting was, after all, the result of my need to follow a temporary feeling. I was angry at the possibility of finding an impossible truth - a mirage - an illusion created to elicit that feeling in me.

Our conversation concluded with a handshake and a long gaze that expressed forgiveness and understanding. But, and this is imperative to the lesson, it also led us both to concede that feelings do matter and that the most permanent of them... the most enduring of emotions are absolutely worth fighting for.

For Love, life and freedom. Thank you, Key-Maker.

If you decided that playing this game was not for you, it is enough that you read the text. The conversation is a lesson in accountability and our personal responsibility to honesty for the sake of happiness. Remember, as you read any of my work, that I am here to be happy and to help you do the same. That conversation with the Key-Maker is a reminder that observing intellectual and moral honesty is essential to happiness.

The human ability to self-deceive, to lie about the reasons they do certain thing seems easier on the surface, but it is a recipe for suffering.

More on this later.

— The Devil Unbound.

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