The Devil’s Favourite Quote

The Devil’s favourite quote would likely say something like “quotes are meaningless without context, you should read everything properly before giving it any value.”

Everyone likes a simple, short bit of data that can deliver maximum wisdom. Especially, when that bit makes them appear wiser than they are.

The Devil's Favourite Quote
This is true. I’ve read his work.

You can’t judge someone for wanting to look sharper, human attempt to look smart by changing their attire and behaviour in ways that garner public acceptance.

Too often, attitudes are similar to clothes – they are tools to make others like you – to look at you favourably.

But unlike swag, efforts that relegate intellectual faculties to the level of basic material possessions are dangerous.

You should see the use of misleading, out of context quotes as someone wearing toxic amounts of cologne or clothing that makes people around them sick. Imagine.

If you wearing an asbestos overcoat is irresponsible because of the harm it can cause those with whom you come in contact, then misused quotes are also intellectually immoral.

You might think this Devil who rambles here facetious, or as attempting levity, but quite the contrary…

The spread of misinformation depends heavily on the human willingness to use unverified information. The human need to have value and meaning in a world that is otherwise indiferente to their existence.

Thank you for reading.

— The Devil Unbound.


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