The Devil’s Book Review: The 8-13 Project, A social experiment based on the biggest crime of its kind in history

As the devil, and admittedly in my human form, I have close and trusted associates in the criminal underground. This post is a review of a book written about some of those associations. And if you’ve surmised anything by reading my NONSENSE, you know I’m intrigued by the idea of psychological manipulation.

On August 13th of 2013, five Canadian citizens were arrested and subsequently tried in what the former US District Attorney Loretta Lynch called The Biggest Crime of Its Kind in History.

The crime was a market manipulation scheme that moved, at least according to FBI allegations, USD 140 billion. The scheme was referred to in the Eastern District Court of New York as the Penny Stock Scheme. The perpetrators sold worthless, valueless stock options to unsuspecting investors.

The psychological techniques used by the con men were complex to the extent that law enforcement agencies now use them as examples and case studies in fraud prevention.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that these criminals are my friends. The devil is the prince of lies, and I often carry their friendships proudly. But more importantly, these incredible manipulators now help my human form find vulnerabilities in financial markets and prevent similar frauds as the ones they perpetrated.

The Devil Unbound: The 8-13 Project, a social experiment based on the biggest crime of its kind in history.

The 8-13 Project, Book 1 is a semi-fictional account of the events that Loretta Lynch spoke about on international television. It’s a mixture of fact-based storytelling, fictional events, and anecdotes from the author’s experience.

The book, more importantly, is a kind of psychological experiment that attempts to draw in people who think similarly to the individuals who committed these historically significant crimes. It is designed to draw the attention of minds that can decipher complex codes. The book is written intentionally to hide what the author calls “keys” that will take the reader to information revealing of the truth about the case.

The author makes this clear in the book’s prologue, whose title is deliberate written as “READ THIS FIRST”. The author explains that failing to read the prologue first will make many of the book’s secret messages and keys inaccessible to its readers.
The book’s back jacket reads as follows:
The 8-13 Project, Book 1 (REVISED) is a semi-fictional account of a real-life financial fraud case that was referred to by U.S. District Attorney Loretta Lynch as the biggest of its kind in history. While details were altered to protect the identities of the people involved, the events have been written as they happened. Book 1 contains interviews, stories, and accounts of these proceedings recounted by individuals who were instrumental to the crime. It is worth noting that the author has direct, personal relationships with several of the people involved in this historically significant financial event. Also, to another figure central to the book, a criminal mastermind, and wanted fugitive sought after by several international law enforcement agencies. In this volume, the author creatively explores methods of manipulation, deception and power dynamics that are pervasive and important to the criminal underground. Law enforcement and government corruption are also factors that the author must consider to make sense of a larger, more sinister criminal empire whose endgame benefits from this financial misconduct. The book also briefly offers a fresh and different perspective on learning from criminal strategies. It provides a framework of personal development that, while taken from the study of lawbreakers can be adapted to pursuing socially responsible outcomes.

I recommend you read this book not only because the people in it are my boys, so to speak, but because it’s a good read. It contains action, crime, sex, lies and all those other delicious nuggets of human behaviour of which I’m fondly proud.

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The book is also an exposition on the corruption that governs the international justice systems, it offers evidence and argument for the wrongdoing of the courts and arresting agencies. It attempts to show the greatest conspiracy of our times: the United States government. It offers arguments for the obscene amount of DISINFORMATION and propaganda used by GOVERNMENT to influence social and legal policy.

You can find the book on Amazon here:
And you can read more about the author here:

I’ll let you in on a little secret: while the names of the people in the book have been altered to protect their identities, they are real. Namely, one of the main characters, Maddox Vargas, is a living legend.

Go read it. Let me know what the Devil you think of it.

— The Devil Unbound

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  1. Well! This has piqued my interest. Seems like a real page-turner. Wish I could learn some of these techniques to sell my books. Haha!
    Will check it out. 🙂

    1. I might be tempted to send you a copy. The factual account of the events is currently in the editing phase. My friends might also get a copy of that one 😉

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      1. That is very kind of you. I so wish that you give in to your temptation and that I receive one now. 🙂
        Yes, editing is a long-drawn stage. I wish you much success. It sounds like a good one.

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