The Devil’s Book Review: A Fantastic Sex Life And How to Get It

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My human form, a man some of you have come to know as Peyton Dracco or other names depending on where you met him, is a bit of a problem. He tends to follow troublesome avenues and to manufacture experiences that appear like fantasies to the ordinary mind. Being featured in books, especially one titled A Fantastic Sex Life And How to Get Itis one of the tokens he presents to anyone willing to listen to his stories without unnecessary judgement of his proclivity for discovery.  

The Devil Unbound: A Fantastic Life and How to Get It
Featured in a Book About a Fantastic Sex Life

In the three years since he summoned me to this realm – we have been friends for much longer, but these last three years have been far more involved – we’ve seen adventure. 

Think of me, the Devil, as an extension of Peyton’s psyche not limited by the obtuse angles of common expectations. Think of this relationship as a critical defence of our human character from the anticipatedly negative judgement from people whose opinions we need to appreciate.

But in these last three years, we have seduced and pleased people who would initially deny us their attention; we’ve turned sceptical CEOs into happy business partners. More than once, we moved rigid minds into fluid compliance. And of all the transactions leading to an agreement, the sight of this book on our shelves influenced many. 

The Book

The Devil Unbound: A Fantastic Sex Life And How to Get it
A Fantastic Sex Life And How to Get it

A Fantastic Life And How to Get it, by sex and relationships guru Sabrina Roger-Anderson is a concrete guide to elevating human sexual experiences. 

In an attitude that resonates with us, Sabrina asks her readers to forget the incomplete advice provided by the current self-help community and think differently about their sex lives. 

“Forget all those boring old sex books that give you fluffy advice like, ‘Learn to love yourself and good sex will follow.’ If you want to have mind-blowing sex, you need concrete advice from an expert who isn’t afraid to say it like it is.”

A Fantastic Sex Life And How to Get it, Schroder Publishing

In the book, Sabrina gives you tangible advice about improving your sex life regardless of age and experience. Throughout the book’s pages, she offers tips on the importance of understanding inhibitions, hung-ups, and open communication with your partner. 

The book is a collection of interviews with people who have fulfilling sex lives and leading experts in human sexuality. 

Chapter 13, for example, is about dealing with sexual health issues and the need for safety and prevention. 

A Fantastic Sex Life And How to Get It is a proper manual for having a good, rewarding sex life – something the Devil knows as essential to pursuing happiness. 

Read it!

How It Happened

My speaking on behalf of my human form may seem to some of you as pathological. Third-person or dissociative auditory hallucinations are typical of affective mental disorders, after all. However, we don’t care what you think you know. 

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Moving along…

We appear in the book because of the relationship between the author and a woman sharing our bed. Sabrina is a Canadian living in Australia, and Patricia, the woman who brings us into this sexy adventure, has roots there. They allegedly met on sweltering Australian afternoon in a bar where their Canadian comradery saw them establish rapport and a subsequent friendship.  

When Sabrina made her intentions for this project public, Patricia saw it fit to brag on behalf of our (Peyton’s and mine) sexual prowess and charisma. This thrust from her (see what I did there?) earned us entries into several parts of the book. 

Sent to Peyton
From Sabrina

Whilst Patricia no longer frequents our bed, Sabrina is still a friend whose work we appreciate and respect. She has authored several books and articles about important issues like health, fitness, sex, and relationships. 

— The Devil Unbound


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