The Devil’s Advocate: Valente Delmar Speaks on The Devil’s Behalf about Disinformation

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Not too many are willing to speak on The Devil’s behalf. Many less are eager to play The Devil’s Advocate. This piece is my translation of Valente Delmar’s stance against the parties of God and the Church on my behalf about their use of disinformation to control society.

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If we put a representative of the Devil- or the Devil`s Advocate- arguing against one of God’s, who would you believe?

The Devil's Advocate: Valente Delmar speaks on behalf of the Devil
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

I preemptively beg the forgiveness of anyone who truly believes in God and might be offended by my thoughts; my impetus isn’t to offend you. However, I ask you now, if you wish to continue reading this, to approach it critically.

Most will answer my opening question by saying they believe in God’s representative.

But why? I ask…

Could it be that God still benefits from much positive marketing, and the Devil, the unfortunate recipient of negative marketing and propaganda?

What about the vast majority of those who believe in God’s agent? Do they have any proof for their beliefs? (many will say that faith is blind, and they don’t need proof).

Now, I reiterate that opening our minds to critical thinking skills will lead us to think differently. At the very least, we will consider suspending judgement before obtaining evidence of anyone being good or bad, being guilty or innocent. Critical thinking will help us estimate the truth behind what could be a mere recollection of news created by someone interested in your opinion and support to push an outcome the depends on that support.

Thus, we return to the principal point of all this, the notion that involves us all – disinformation.

Because all social disasters experienced throughout human history have resulted from the problem of disinformation. Or at least 99% of them have.

The Devil's advocate: The Church and Disinformation
Photo by Luis Quintero

There was always a benefit, something to gain, or an advantage to be pushed by disinformation.

The intention of disinformation was always to achieve power, wealth, and positions of social influence. This is how, in actuality, corrupt politicians own the media and information channels – to misinform the majority of any population they govern.

It`s also how tyrannical governments and dictatorships use global media channels to create false information and distribute it to other countries while hiding what is happening inside their societies. How they keep the world misinformed, in a sense.

Since the beginning of humanity, there has been so much disinformation that it is difficult to know what to take as truth.

Take, for example, the story of Cain and Abel, or at least how they told us that story.

The Devil Unbound: The Devil's advocate

Cain, the son of Adam and Eve, one of the first and only people on the face of the earth, killed his brother Abel. As punishment, God sent him away from his family, but he married and had his own family. How? Were they not the only ones? God’s original creation?

At least, this is what they indoctrinated us with when we were young.

However, even when you read the Bible correctly, this version of the story is wrong. The Bible and the people who take it as truth are perhaps the most potent disinformation tools in human history.

With this, and once again asking forgiveness of the faithful, I’ll conclude that there is a difference between God and the Church because I don’t want to claim that God doesn’t exist.

If God exists, he or they are a superior entity. In contrast, mortal men created the Church intending to control others, and disinformation is the primary weapon in this war for social control.

— Valente Delmar

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