The Devil’s Advice: Remember the First Commandment

Good morning, my beautiful apes. If you thought you’d only get sappy poetry and existential angst from me, you have another thing coming, as people love to say. Here is the Devil’s advice on how to start living a better life.

But why do people love to say things they often don’t understand?

Simply because they heard it from someone else, and likely, from a figure of authority – someone they respect or love. It’s true that anything people get from someone they see as important to their lives, is taken as accurate and often seen as beyond criticism or reproach. When young people are interrogated about something they heard from their parents, they show no signs of deception when recalling it, even when that something is false.

Religions prey on this human disposition to accept arguments from authority. The church podiums and the temple thrones put the person on them in a position of absolute, unquestionable power.

Think of the Ten Commandments as an example of this. Why are the first three about making the idea of God unchallengeable? Because establishing absolute authority first makes the subsequent nonsense acceptable by the believer.

This isn’t a new argument; some of our best people have challenged the value of the Judeo-Christian commandments before.

As I shared with the Twitterverse earlier, my first commandment is that you can worship anything and anyone you like, as long as you don’t push your beliefs on others.

The Devil's Advice on how to lead a better life.

Think about this as you go through your day. If anything, I want you to think critically about what you believe. Trust me; it’s worth the while; it once got me kicked out of home and the family.

Read the second Commandment here:

— The Devil Unbound.

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