The Devil’s advice: Critical Thinking for Love, Seduction, and Sex

I enjoy thinking about what the sexier of you imagined when you read the title of this piece. But yes, you can apply critical thinking skills to any decision you make, including love, seduction, and sex. 

Friends and acquaintances often ask me if it’s possible to use my devilish philosophical powers, my uncanny understanding of human behaviour and my critical charm to get people to want to touch me, and my answer is invariably a resounding yes. 

The Devil Unbound: Critical thinking for love, seduction, and sex
Critical Romance

Admittedly, those asking this loaded question are more often than not young, horny males, but occasionally females are also willing to venture into the dark side. And I applaud them; women should feel empowered to take control of their love and sex lives. The earth would be much better if her women were always free to make their own decisions about their hearts and bodies. 

But I digress, albeit towards an important topic of conversation. 

How then, do you apply your salty critical thinking skills to love, romance, seduction and sex? 

Simply, or perhaps complicatedly, for those who still have to ask this question, you step back from the thinking and analyse the thinking itself. 

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Consider how you view not only love but the object of your affection – the subject of your wettest of dreams – and examine how their position as protagonists of your dirty mental movies affects them and their relationship to you. 

Think about the potential outcomes of any actions you might take to convince them to want to get close to you. Are these outcomes beneficial to them? And if not, how can you make them so? 

Please don’t take this recommendation to consider potential outcomes as a suggestion to give up; no, this Devil would never suggest that you forego your right to pursue your desires. However, I am telling you that there are right and wrong ways to do it, like with anything else in life. 

And as is the case with most critical aspects of life, you should want to make the right decision about how you love others. 

What is your outcome?

Personally, when it comes to sex, it’s about pleasure for all parties involved and repeat business. After all, the best traffic source for returning and new clients is word of mouth, and I’m always thrilled when a mouth or three are involved. 

The Devil Unbound: Critical thinking for seduction
Critical Seduction

Having partners who want to return to my bed, or park benches for the more ambitious of them, is a point of sinful pride. And the satisfaction results from the good effort put into pleasing their minds along with their bodies. An endeavour, by the way, much simpler and more organic than most men think. 

And the design for this achievement is, as I said before, a critical analysis of the best possible outcomes.  

Honesty is often the best policy when it comes to seduction and sex, especially because consent needs to be well-informed. Lying to a human you want to bed isn’t advisable because lies have a shorter shelf life than the truth, and the truth is much easier to carry than fibs and deception. 

Think about it this way:

If you lie to that deliciously chunky boy you met at the bar about having a Ferrari parked in your mansion’s garage to get him to put his mouth on your forbidden parts, you either have to acquire the car and the estate or never offer to take him back to your place. Car sex can be fun when done safely, and it’s better in an old Honda Civic than in a non-existent exotic. 

Also, consider how great it will feel when beefy Mike wants to kiss you below the belt because of how you make him laugh, how you stimulate him intellectually, or how you wear those tight jeans your dad told you not to buy. 

Remember that if there is a loop of communication and experience, it is in your mind. 

Trust me, your body will thank you for understanding this. 

Let’s recap:

Think of the best possible outcome for you and the object of your interest. Analyse the choices available to you and work towards making those choices viable by verifying their impact on all parties involved. 

Remember to start your seduction ATTEMPTS with honesty; you can get people to agree to incredible things when you are transparent and trustworthy. The park-bench story might make the annals of the Devil Unbound eventually. Do notice the extra letter “N” – I did not write what you thought I did. 

Applying critical thinking skills to your love life will ensure more satisfaction for you and your partners. I guarantee that when you approach it the way I suggest here, you’ll have better and more of anything you want. 

If you want more advice about having a better life aside from the incredible sexiness I offer you in this post, head over to

Be safe, be sexy, and be bad in a good way.

–The Devil Unbound

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