The Day After Christmas

grayscale photo of a rat

Santa On the day after Christmas I'll run all through your housedrinking whiskey with Santachasing after that mouse When we catch him we'll pet him and give him kisses too Then we'll pour some more whiskey and wait naked for you The children won't see me as I'm not here for themBut the lies that [...]

Loaded Words and Misinformation

angry woman yelling into a megaphone

Words matter and there is a direct link between loaded words and misinformation.  Language is the only tool humans have to exchange ideas and feelings. Language is the only way humans can explore each other's minds. And words are the weapon of choice for the con artist and the more interesting fraudster.  I won't spend [...]

Fact or Fiction Part 1: Ten Minutes to Waste, A Story about The Business of Disinformation and Confusion

Originally posted at with some changes to comply with that platform's limitations. Of all the memories he relishes for the lessons they afford him, the last time he died is the most present. He's here on a critical assignment. What he does is confusing to most people who know him, and he takes pride [...]