On Generational Conflict and Happiness

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On my daily worries about social issues, I happened upon the idea of generational conflict and happiness and how it affects the acceptance of misinformation, and therefore, social well-being. And while the current generation lacks accountability for their shortcomings, much of their failure is on their parents. What would Hitchens say about all the nonsense [...]

On Doubting Everything

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Doubting everything you hear or read isn't thinking critically; it's cynicism; it's as wrong as accepting everything you hear and read. Critical thinking is a complex process that (itself) requires a metacognitive commitment to thinking and all the mechanisms involved in forming ideas; it's thinking about thinking. Toxic Doubt By definition, critical thinking must be [...]

The Devil’s Advice: Read Past The Headlines and Stop Sharing Everything You Read

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Data shows a majority of internet surfers don't read past the headlines. And the numbers aren't negligible. Maksym Gabielkov and his team at Columbia University show that over 60% of readers will share an article without reading it.  You can read the study, a joint effort between Columbia University and The National Institute for Research in [...]