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Spanish translations of The Devil’s articles by Valente Delmar – a trusted social and political commentator.

Viendo las inexactitudes en la historia del ser humano con relación a la religión, la que sea, cualquiera que sea su nombre, es la misma siempre, y ha mantenido durante los siglos la más grande desinformación y engaños hacia el ser humano.


Considering the incongruities in human history as it relates to religion, whichever one it is, whatever its name is, it is always the same, and it maintains the greatest disinformation campaign against humanity through the centuries.

Valente Delmar is a social and political commentator based in Toronto, Canada. Born in Ecuador, South America, he focuses on Latin American social and political issues. You can read his work at

“Los libros de la Historia de las Iglesias y las religiones, nos dicen una cosa, pero, la realidad es otra, y en realidad lo que triunfa es la mentira y la desinformación, y, ha sido así por los siglos de los siglos.”

Valente Delmar


The Church’s history books and those of religion in general, tell us one thing, but the truth is different, and in reality it is often their lies and disinformation that prevail. And it has been this way for centuries upon centuries.




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