Reason for the Devil’s Journal

The Devil's Journal

The reason for Devil’s journal is an exercise in intellectual humility. Moreover, it’s an endeavour of honesty in which the author and other contributors tell real-life stories creatively.

The project stipulates three essential preoccupations that cannot be betrayed.

One, to make the anecdotes shared here colourful and exciting without deviating from the truth.

Two, the project must never allow for the defamation of anyone whose experience it shares. Libel, or written defamation, is a crime, and it is unethical and dishonourable past its legal implications. It is an illegitimate form of communication – this Devil does not stand for it. You know my stance on disinformation and misinformation.

And three, the stories must always have allegorical power.

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Knowing this, you must understand that all the stories you read here are examples of creative writing and evocations of life experiences for which some of us have strong memories. And from which we have derived critical lessons.

While some names of the people involved in these stories change to protect identities and sensibilities, real names remain whenever possible.


What is essential to the merit of this project is the relationships and trusts it helps to reinforce. The need to persuade a business or romantic partner to be part of this undertaking often strengthens the bond.

The idea is to eventually publish the Devil’s Journal as a book, but there is much work to do before that idea becomes viable.

Or not

The project aims to produce at least one piece of writing per day, which might give us enough content to publish a full-length book in only two months. Or we might keep the narrations of my devilish raconteurs for posterity. The Devil’s analects are full of exciting tales. Whether humans look to these texts for entertainment or inspiration, we are glad to deliver them.

Thank you for reading

— The Devil Unbound

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