(Video) Playing with The 3 Rules

Literally. I have been playing around with video ideas for this project. while the 3 rules for a better life have been the subject, The concept is incomplete and insufficient at this point, but I like where it’s going.

More importantly, this playtime has given me the chance to worry about my writing style, which, as I confess in a previous post, needs consideration.

Here are the first several illustrations:

The First Rule

The Second Rule

The Third Rule

I enjoy indulging in my perception of creativity. It gives me a sense of mindfulness and calm.

— A Mindful Devil

The devil’s pinterest

You can find these illustrations and more on my Pinterest account, where my vanity and solipsism are in full display.

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  1. Nice rules. Thoughtful ones.
    Allowing others to be themselves while one continues the journey of contemplation is the best gesture.
    Yes, respect must never falter unless condemning faulty behaviour is absolutely necessary. Right and wrong don’t always have to be two extremes. Live life as you wish but give that liberty to others too.
    Thank you, Devil, for these lovely snippets of wisdom. 🙂

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