Perception of Privacy, From the Diary of Peyton Dracco.

On public perception of privacy

Saturday, December 23 of 2017, 10 minutes after midnight

People love to decry big brother as the enemy of privacy, the end of freedom. Too often those same people are willing to share intimate information on any social media platform to which they have access.

Perception of privacy
They are watching

Are “they” watching? Likely. Is there an intrusive network of internal surveillance? I’m sure. The better inquiry here would be into what the reason for this network is, and how it affects you. You are not going to stop the government from watching, get over it.

There is no conspiracy; they are open about keeping tabs on you and every other citizen. Now, and here is the rub: you’d be wiser to govern yourself properly and filter the data you volunteer to cyberspace through any form of electronic communication.

Bring back the human connection, talk face-to-face more, establish intimate relationships in intimate settings not in online forums. And If you find this difficult then look at how you can improve your communication skills, do not settle for hiding behind that screen and its very limited binary options.

This rant comes about from a number of accusations I’ve received lately about not posting “enough” (whatever that may mean) on social media.

I’m old-fashioned. I have never trusted anyone whose face I cannot see or whose voice I cannot hear. Therefore, I’ve never wanted others to know what I’m up to, unless they are an important part of that process.

Apparently, this makes me cryptic, ambiguous and confusing. Hmm… thank you! And I mean that, it’s beyond me how anyone can think that those are offensive adjectives.

Rant’s over… because the irony of it all is upsetting me.

— The Devil Unbound, for Peyton J. Dracco

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of government domestic surveillance as it is an opinion on proper personal governance.

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