On The Topic of Happiness

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Since I’m on the topic of happiness, I want to share old motivational blurbs I found while going through old material. The first one resides in the Love’s Dialogue Facebook group, and the second one in a personal post. Both reflect times when my mortal form needed to rediscover happiness and mindfulness.

On The Topic of Happiness
Rediscovering happiness

Sunday June 17, 2012, 49 minutes after 4:00 am

Again, freedom comes with a high price, a sunburn, and one hell of a hangover. It brings with it the understanding that the useless and ephemeral appearance of certain lessons doesn’t make them futile, it simply makes them simple, and therein lies their immense value. As I celebrate my independence from liars, fakes and hypocrites I am reminded that they just don’t know the true extent of their fraud, an attitude which makes them deserving of pity and not the uncontrollable anger I have, so far afforded them. Emancipation, liberation from such idiocy has a sweet taste, one that I will savour for years to come, allowing it to remind me that doubting my knowledge and experience based on emotion betrays the essence of my science and of my being – that life is a game I had no choice in playing, but I will play it well for the remaining time I have in the field. It is a game, and it’s MY game…

Friday August 11, 2018, 16 minutes after five.

Today I am enamoured and inspired by people, but the weird ones; the ones not afraid to commit to that silly statement that most would find ridiculous. I crave conversations with people who are not only able but willing to provide that awkward look of thinly-veiled allure… the ones who while being perfect strangers can be more honest with you than those who have known you for years. I belong in their company; I belong to the freaks who fear nothing but the inability to have those conversations that lead to meaningless honesty. I am glad to find myself amongst their ranks, where I can look to the past for lessons, to the future for strategy, and to the here and now for a reason to exist.

Still crunk – I should stop, before saying too much and offending many sensibilities. Good morning!

Let me know if they help illustrate the way this Devil sees happiness.

Thank you for reading

— The Devil Unbound

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