On Love and Solidarity, from the Diary of Peyton Dracco

On Love and Solidarity

Friday, February 5th of 2021, 23 minutes after 9:00

Love and Solidarity are essential to helping the world, not only during this pandemic but every day. As a manager or boss, I hate when employees continue to bring up problems of which I am already aware. Furthermore, I am disgusted by people who remind us of the same problem only to point out that there is a problem but without the intention of working on a solution.

This disposition towards negative attitudes leads to confusion and eventually to harmful misinformation.

My favourite people are those who want to make changes in positive ways with positive attitudes.

On Love and Solidarity
Love and Solidarity

I know many for whom, due to incredible loss, positivity should be impossible, yet continue to be good and offer their best to others. You are my people and I will follow you into that better world you want to build.

Those of you who insist on scaring people into thinking that the world is out to get them just because… those of you who want people to be as afraid as you are and to feel as meaningless as you feel… stay away, your negativity is worse, more damaging than the virus we currently face.

Solidarity, love, and all the good attitudes that come from love will heal the world.

— The Devil Unbound, for Peyton Dracco

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