On Generational Conflict and Happiness

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On my daily worries about social issues, I happened upon the idea of generational conflict and happiness and how it affects the acceptance of misinformation, and therefore, social well-being.

And while the current generation lacks accountability for their shortcomings, much of their failure is on their parents.

What would Hitchens say about all the nonsense being pushed as logic lately? What can be said about the celebration of stupidity, the infantile and uncritical thought disguised as a struggle for freedom?

Generational Conflict
Generational Failures

The normalisation of ignorance and the decoration of mediocrity as deserving of any respect take their toll on society. And the consequences of this toll are dire.

The increased acceptance of some people’s anger towards established truth has led us to the point of blind faith in anything that challenges the zeitgeist, the methods, and even the lexicon of science.

While it is easy to see how a group’s undeserving entitlement has permitted pseudo-intellectuals to think they know more than they actually do. It should also be easy to see how this generation’s shortcomings stem from previous generational failures.


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The Conflict

Yes, you made them believe that they only needed to show up to “deserve” a medal or a trophy. We told children they were perfect just the way they were, which led them to believe they required no improvement. It is not surprising that they believe the undisciplined peruse of even less disciplined content usurps committed and well-structured learning.

And It is even less surprising – less dramatic – that they think their poorly conceived opinions are more valuable than facts or that their senses can see more than the robust protocols of science.

The sheep are away from safety, and predators feast freely upon their flesh.

Adding to the pain of the slaughter is the notion that the rest of you: parents, guardians, and educators of the older herd, facilitated the context for this to happen.

Rightfully, people are unhappy and angry with reality; you showed them an unsustainable version of it. You showed them a world that doesn’t exist. A world in which their perceived perfection is a mockery of all human sensibilities.

— The Devil Unbound

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