More on Formlessness, From the Diary of Peyton Dracco

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More on formlessness and its power

Monday, June 5th of 2017. 51 minutes past midnight.

A short break from drafting up business documents is complimented by a follow up to my former post.

Being formless allows the notions of friend and foe to dissolve; it makes it known that there is no such thing as an external enemy or ally. These concepts, although intangible, are forms themselves and can only attach to other types of forms. On these grounds, formlessness gives you the ability to take the shape that other forms need to attach themselves to; it gives you a choice to be despised, desired or any seemingly true sentiment that other forms can conceive.

More on formlessness
Formlessness and Power

Let’s get one thing clear: this doesn’t mean that there are no absolutes, nor does it negate the concept of objectivity; it only shows that people cannot live [happily] within these constructs, and as I said on my first rant about the drunk and my beer glass: reality is something we are meant to live in; we are not meant to understand it. I will submit now that we are incapable of understanding it.

Look at the people around you and see their form, their behaviour, their choice of movements, and realise that they are predictable… that every action they commit comes from a deep need to satisfy that form. This need prevents them from making authentic choices.

It makes sense that if more on formlessness is necessary for the ideal condition, that we should strive to be formless. And if you have that question happen to you as you read this, then you may have what it takes to get there.

As always the struggle to accept who and what I am, will lead me to psychological freedom.

— The Devil Unbound, For Peyton J. Dracco

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