Introduction To The Devil Unbound, Why I do What I do (Podcast Intro)

In the excitement of my self-indulgence, it occurs that I have not provided a proper introduction to who I am and what I do. The Devil Unbound as a project is easily definable; the motivations behind it, however, are not.

Those of you who might have read the often unlettered ramblings of this page know that its aim, or at least the pretence behind it, is to attempt to answer questions about the impact of misinformation on social health and individual happiness.

But that’s a complex and complicated endeavour for the greatest minds who have pressed pen to paper regarding such critical issues. To assume, or to pretend, if this is to remain consistent, that this website can provide adequate solutions to any of these problems is simply absurd.

Such an attitude would betray a personal distaste for willful misinformation.

Now, and I want this to be clear, this is not to say that any uneducated muppet can challenge me to intellectual sparing and win. Unfortunately, not all are created equal, and God seems to have a nasty sense of humour regarding human intelligence, and sexual positions.

The Devil Unbound: YouTube Trailer.
The Devil Unbound: YouTube Trailer

In efforts to avoid the stain of hypocrisy on my reputation and the Devil’s powers depend solely on status, let it be clear that this website is the intellectual property of someone who, while well-trained in philosophy, understands the limitations of his knowledge and intelligence.

And this attitude, in turn, led me to cultivate a profound abhorrence for those who disrespect the eminent expertise of specialists in any field of inquiry.

I understand that last sentence is hard to read, confusing, and that’s how this Devil feels about people who think they know everything. If hell were real, I’d secure an exceptional place for them there.

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Yes, The Devil’s reputation, like my sexual prowess, depends on what people are saying about it. Most, if not everything humans think they know about the Devil comes from that even less-lettered book they call the Bible.the same book by the same God who allegedly made so many stupid people
And what people are saying about my ability to please, well, that’s material for a different story.

No, the question everything mantra adopted by misguided adolescents and conspiracy people alike is not virtuous – it is an excuse for cynical denial of established truths. It is a toxic justification for ignoring good evidence for how the world works.

I’ll expand on this in a later post.

Now, if you have not read my ramblings here, but you’ve surmised anything from this, let be that I am, as the tagline of this website reads, answering my own questions about critical thinking, happiness, and disinformation (misinformation is primarily the result of disinformation, fighting the source of the problem is an excellent place to start.).

The Devil Unbound: Questions
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Disinformation is the quintessential reason for social decay. It preys on fear and promotes ignorance. It lends stupidity momentum. Disinformation and misinformation are the primary reasons for individual suffering. They prevent humans from making proper decisions about their lives and the well-being of those around them.

Understand that these two monstrous whores are not only the work of government agencies and totalitarian regimes; no, they grow in every household. They are born from the human predisposition to lie; more importantly to this endeavour, the disposition to lie to advance an agenda that is not beneficial to all those it affects.

I maintain that the best way to fight those two ugly assholes is critical thinking. It is a serious battle that humans can only win if armed with proper thinking skills.

Yes, happiness is subjective. Your definition of happiness could include masturbating furiously on the floor to the sound of my voice in your head. An idea that tickles my fancy well enough to wish that some of you did.

Critical thinking skills and the foundations of good philosophy may not have much to say about how you touch yourself. Still, they can help you see how to continue paying me homage as safely and productively as is possible.

But why the Devil?

And that, my delicious apes, is a topic for yet another post.

— The Devil Unbound

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