Happiness Experiment: 10 Happy Little Devil Phone Wallpapers

Happy Little Devil

This is my happiness experiment and a gift from me to you. And yes I’m giving you these 10 Happy Devil phone wallpapers without asking for anything in return. I will eventually ask for your soul, but I’m in charitable mood.

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The idea behind these images is to remind you that the pursuit of happiness is an essential part of life. Also, that critical thinking is the best possible vehicle for it.

The Happy Little Devil

The Devil unbound: A poem about the devil
Happy Little Devil

This image of the happy little devil represents serenity under unexpected circumstance. This little guy knows how to stop to smell the flowers, as humans love to say. More importantly, he knows how to stop to evaluate all options available to him before making decisions.

As a result, he is happy with most of his outcomes. It is important to remember that thinking critically cannot stop all suffering, it can only minimise it, and that is a very good thing.

The wallpapers

The wallpapers are designed to remind you of the Little Devil’s composure, especially when in distress. His face is smiling, because he knows he can handle any eventuality optimally. He understands that by thinking critically he can ensure better results, and more life-satisfaction.

How to get them

When you fill in the form below you will be redirected to a download page with links to each individual file. You can take any image wallpaper you like or all of the.

Happy Devil Wallpapers Download

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