And In My Dreams God Is a Woman

This is another post I published months ago on a different platform. It makes sense to share it here because of the backlash it received from the religious folks who read it. Playing the devil, I need to make it clear that I don’t believe in prophecy or that dreams tell us anything outside of our direct experience.

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Put simply, the dream seems to speak of my need to search for a particular combination of circumstances that shapes my perception. And it is also nearly impossible, difficult or very hard for me to stop the vision in this dream from Really pushing its memory into my consciousness, and lately, I don’t try.

The challenge is evident upon waking up and that I might never find her if I fail to focus the strength of my resolve on that mission is a terrifying possibility.

She, as she is a woman, has incredible powers, and I mean magnificent magical talents. In her power, she is unsure of her nature as an angel or a demon; she wisely decides to live in the middle. Creating beautiful forms and devastating others, she rises to control not only the world but the known universe.

After living in such transcendent glory, she wishes to make the world forget her and live as a mortal, but before she does, she offers me a task: to remind her of who she is when the time comes, and the world needs her again. She charges me with this because to live as a regular human, she must forget who she is. She has to forget her power.

her name escapes me, and I only remember a feeling and a scent. I cannot see her face, but her scent is so very familiar.

My sincere thanks to all who have listened to my ramblings about visions of incomprehensible beings. Every one of the missions you have put forward in your analysis of my dream is noble and worth pursuing.

On bended knee, and with an ironclad grip on my sword, I accept them all. The woman in my dreams is out there; I will continue searching for her scent and the feeling she brings to my heart; the world needs her now. And if the consequence of this mission is only to empower the women who cross my path, I shall be happy and honoured to have served humanity in such fashion.

The original post was removed due to undesirable external pressures; it’s currently available at Love’s Dialogue:

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