Formlessness, from The Diary of Peyton Dracco

vacant black and gray chair in room

On realising the power of formlessness.

Monday, June 5th of 2017. 24 minutes past midnight

Sitting in this place where I once found familiarity and comfort, I am reminded of the power of the illusion by those who carelessly navigate it: reality is something we are meant to live in without understanding it. In fact, attempting to understand it is counterproductive in the pursuit of happiness. Ignorance is bliss.

I am alone while surrounded by many who want my attention. And if I’m hidden in plain sight, I am only hidden from myself. The Drunk besides me sees me for what I am, the Devil I have become, and that interpretation of my presence offers him the wisdom he craves. Wisdom he has craved for long.

The same drunk beside me reaches for my conversation and I am disgusted by his condition, the magnificent failure that led to his circumstances smells of pain and fear. Fear seeps through his pores and I am excited to examine it, but I don’t as the shadow my beer glass casts mocks me. It stares back at me with a fluid “formlessness” that makes it capable of being anything, and though it can be anything, it chooses to remind me that it doesn’t exist… to be a reminder that I don’t exist.

silhouette of man standing
The Power of Formlessness


That shadow tells me about not-being, about non-attachment. It shows me that as long as there is light – any light – all objects are something to possess.

Formlessness is the ideal condition, and one that I have observed for long. The plan, the strategy, the outcome depend on it. Thus, to achieve formlessness, you must shed forms, you must let go of the people and things that refuse to change. Let go of the things that cannot change.

I have much more to say about this, but the shadow changes and I must learn from it, it is sharing too many important ideas, it must not be ignored.

— The Devil Unbound, for Peyton J. Dracco

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