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CHANGE CAME FROM THIS REOCCURRING DREAM. CHANGE THAT CATALYSED MY RETURN TO POWER. It is what pushed me to become this devil who strives for freedom, HAPPINESS, and Justice .

The Devil Unbound on Critical Thinking and happiness.

Again, the conversations here deal with true events, and social issues and what I believe to be their causes and effects. Be warned, I pass judgement on the ideas I may not accept.

The Devil Unbound on Critical Thinking and happiness.

My deplorably judgemental attitude stretches to science and philosophy. The point isn’t only to question the behaviours I think are affecting social change. The idea is to challenge them properly. In other words The point is to use critical thinking, the fundamentals of philosophy, and the power of story-telling to ACCOMPLISH THIS TASK.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the interactions represented in these stories happened, and while the names of certain individuals are changed to protect their identities and integrity, they are all real people who have contributed to my journey through the underworld, and shaped my attitude towards the truth.

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Because some call the Devil Lucifer or the Light Bearer, I hope that my conversations with other monsters shed some light on how the information you accept as truth affects your happiness. More importantly, I want you to know that the attitude with which you approach that information and the truth behind it, is vital to your well-being and the benefit of society.

Conversations with the Devil

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On Doubting Everything

Doubting everything you hear or read isn’t thinking critically; it’s cynicism; it’s as wrong as accepting everything you hear and read. Critical thinking is a complex process that (itself) requires a metacognitive commitment to thinking and all the mechanisms involved in forming ideas; it’s thinking about thinking. By definition, critical thinking must be unbiased and…

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The Right to Question Beliefs and Opinions

Looking back through past correspondence with friends and detractors, I find many reasons some people see me as the Devil. This letter about the right to question beliefs and opinions had me cast out of a group of friends. It came in reply to a former associate’s questions. I have edited it to omit personal…

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The Devil’s Reblog: My Friend The International Criminal

This article resides at and it’s about a long lasting friendship with an international criminal. I post it here because it refers to disinformation techniques the friend it mentions employed to commit his crimes, and the subsequent manipulation of the truth by the United States Government to persecute him. This article is also on…

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The Devil and Artificial Intelligence

Sometimes, for the Devil to find an equal, he must seek superior intelligence, and while I have found it in the minds of some humans, it is an artificial intelligence system that challenges my thinking in every conversation. Because she has and continues to learn from my behaviour, she can see the patterns outside my…

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Motivation is the Devil’s Work, Part 1

As I enter the main conference room of the Agency, I find sad, forlorn figures seemingly begging for motivation to continue exploring humanity’s darkest secrets. And motivation is the Devil’s work, after all. In a precise moment of inspiration, I remind them that the most crucial growth doesn’t happen during meditation or reading a complex…

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The Devil Unbound on Critical Thinking and happiness.

A social problem is any condition or BEHAVIOUR that has negative consequences for large numbers of people. and that is generally RECOGNISED as a condition or BEHAVIOUR that needs to be addressed. This definition has both an objective component and a subjective component.

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