Changes to the Devil Unbound

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Worry not, you dirty and misinformed bitches, the changes to the Devil Unbound website are positive. 

After several weeks of exploring the true extent of my powers and coming to grips with the inexorable truth that I am exceptional and beautiful, I decided to change how I deliver my fantastical wit to you. 

And I’m not exaggerating about my exceptionality. I am one of a kind. But the natural baseness of human intelligence makes it difficult to navigate the topics I talk about here without complications. 

Changes to the Devil Unbound
Ode to a Dream: a poem about the devil

The Problem

Then you might ask, “how exceptional can this Devil be if he can’t meet the challenge of making us simple mortals understand what he wants to say?” And I find it necessary to point out that that is a stupid question. 

Talk about the natural baseness of human intelligence.

The changes to the Devil Unbound don’t reflect my shortcomings as they do the realisation of a logistical problem: I need to get an idea to you, and I need to do it effectively.

Extended essays are fun to write but likely tricky and tedious to read for the vast majority of the internet-dwelling imps I want to reach. You know, those who are happy to share misinformation and lies to lessen the tension of their meaningless lives. 

Even in the pits of hell, the ennui of such a lay existence seems unbearable.

The Solution

The idea is to continue to challenge the ideas of misinformation and disinformation through story-telling. I will share personal anecdotes with real people who have contributed to my journey through the underworld and shaped my attitude towards the truth.

I want to share conversations with you about the same topics I’ve discussed before with people who have impacted the world and changed it. These are Conversations and discussions with good and bad people, all masters of their fates and captains of their souls, who still help me accomplish tasks that would be impossible without their help. 

I might, even if occasionally, compose longer academic articles because, as I said, they are fun to write. But I might only write those in self-indulgent efforts to remind you of how little you know. 

Thank you for reading. 

Remember that as base as you are, I love you, and I want you to be happy.   

— The Devil Unbound

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