The Devil’s Advice: Read Past The Headlines and Stop Sharing Everything You Read

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Data shows a majority of internet surfers don't read past the headlines. And the numbers aren't negligible. Maksym Gabielkov and his team at Columbia University show that over 60% of readers will share an article without reading it.  You can read the study, a joint effort between Columbia University and The National Institute for Research in [...]

The Devil’s Reblog: A Templeton-funded researcher recommends five books on science and religion. Guess what take they have?

I'm a fan of Jerry Coyne because of his ability to remain objective about truths that are difficult to negotiate. I also enjoy reading his work for the pleasure of reading well structured sentences and overall excellent linguistic projections. In this article he touches on how the affiliation of a researcher to an organisation affects [...]

Fact or Fiction Part 1: Ten Minutes to Waste, A Story about The Business of Disinformation and Confusion

Originally posted at with some changes to comply with that platform's limitations. Of all the memories he relishes for the lessons they afford him, the last time he died is the most present. He's here on a critical assignment. What he does is confusing to most people who know him, and he takes pride [...]