The Russia-Ukraine War and American Hypocrisy

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To say that I stand with the Ukrainian people doesn't and shouldn't imply that I support the United States government. I don't. I do worry, however, about The Russia-Ukraine War and American Hypocrisy. A level of hypocrisy that is historically damaging to the world.  The fiasco with Honduran president Xiomara Castro, when Kamala Harris intended [...]

Why religious convictions are immoral

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This one deviates from my usual philosophical rants, but not without reason. ​I now give you a meditation on why religious convictions are immoral. A reflection resulting from queries I face when the topic of belief arises. I will add that this very meditation is one that earns me the moniker of the Devil. One [...]

Pope Benedict XVI Asks Forgiveness

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In an article published on titled Retired Pope Benedict XVI asks 'forgiveness' over handling of past sex abuse cases. The retired pontiff appears to show remorse for his handling of child sex abuse cases during the 1970s and '80s. Pope Benedict XVI And I say he appears to show remorse because there is no [...]

The Devil’s Rant: The Comfort Zone

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The so-called comfort zone, the proverbial space where humans find respite from the pressures the world exerts upon them, is a favourite topic of the new age and self-help communities. Comfort can be nice People describe this zone as a state in which people see and hear only what they want to hear and see. [...]