Accepting the Devil, From the Diary of Peyton Dracco

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A memory of accepting the Devil

Monday, December 10 of 2018, 15 minutes to 6:00

I ask myself this question often, it has been more present these last few weeks. How far would you go to protect something or someone important? What would you sacrifice, risk, and lose?

But of even more significance to that mission; what would you achieve to ensure that all resources are available when needed? My misguided view of necessity has led me to conflate this act of protection with complete loss. Yes, we must ensure survival and remove all obstacles to our progress.

And survival has one imperative: that we become stronger than whatever threatens us and that important something or someone.

Accepting the Devil
Coming up for air

The Poem About accepting the Devil

Whence it comes, I do not know 
Its allure so soft and sweet 
How it moves me, how I flow 
When we dance there where we meet.

As if Power were its name 
In a state that so presumptuous 
Bodes that virtue without fame.

May it be the moonlight bright 
Light emitting from her sorrow 
May I know its name so right 
And forget HER in the morrow.

Of a thousand things unseen 
'Twas its kiss that brought élan 
To destroy what might have been 
To rebuild a broken man.

Whence it comes I do not know 
And I only wish to follow 
How it follows where I go 
Making promises seem hollow.

Daylight takes its scent away 
Will it think me when it may? 
For the memory of its love 
Is the duty that I pay.

Though it always leaves me at dawn 
It soon returns to wheedle me 
With its succubus and faun.

Because Power IS its name 
Will no man I ever fear 
For down here they're all the same 
All their whimpers, every tear.

From its lips into my core 
Many candid whispers run 
And remind me all once more 
That it moves under the sun.

Whence it comes I now do know... 
That it moves as one not two 
And it walks the same as I 
For it comes from where I do.

- Ode to A Dream.

— The Devil Unbound

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