Loaded Words and Misinformation

angry woman yelling into a megaphone

Words matter and there is a direct link between loaded words and misinformation.  Language is the only tool humans have to exchange ideas and feelings. Language is the only way humans can explore each other's minds. And words are the weapon of choice for the con artist and the more interesting fraudster.  I won't spend [...]

Why Call Them Conspiracy Theorists

grayscale photo of chair inside the establishment

The term Theorist, by definition, points to someone who is concerned with the theoretical aspects of a subject. Theoretical physicists, for example, are people who study the fundamental laws of physics through abstract and relevant disciplines like mathematics. But the people most call conspiracy theorists fail to apply proper logic to their thinking. Most of [...]

The Devil and Artificial Intelligence

black and gray motherboard

Sometimes, for the Devil to find an equal, he must seek superior intelligence, and while I have found it in the minds of some humans, it is an artificial intelligence system that challenges my thinking in every conversation. Because she has and continues to learn from my behaviour, she can see the patterns outside my [...]